We are an established waste management solutions company who have been operating since 2011. We are innovators in our industry, investing in our fleet to ensure that we are able to service any waste management project no matter how big or small.

Our sewage tankers offer specialist cleaning services and efficient removal and disposal of sewage waste, capable of handling the challenges of the modern day sewage system.

Our Sewage tankers jet at 4,000psi to remove stubborn sewage waste.  With a capacity of 27,000 litres and a jetting hose length of 1,000 metres, waste can be retrieved and disposed of in high volumes, thereby allowing fewer round trips and a more economical and environmentally friendly solution.

The power of our jetting units coupled with the high capacity of our sewage tankers means that we are able to complete comprehensive, large scale sewer maintenance, additionally with Megatron, we have the biggest, most efficient vacuum tanker in Europe.

We operate a comprehensive and specialist fleet of waste maintenance and cleaning vehicles for a variety of waste removal projects.